Wes Newman, Head Coach of Cornell Swimming and Diving, Cornell University

The Preschool-Elementary Swimming online tutorial by Oceanus Consulting provides a clear, detailed introduction for beginner swimmers to get comfortable in the water.

While some learn-to-swim programs omit basic details, Oceanus Consulting walks students through each step of how to take that first plunge into the pool. I've had the opportunity to teach beginning swimming classes for the past six years, and found that the concepts used by Oceanus Consulting are in line with those that I find most effective as well.

I would recommend this program for beginner swimmers as well as anyone who is thinking about teaching beginning swimming.

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Kevin Tyrrell, Olympic/ASCA Level 5 NCAA/International/Age Group/YMCA Coach

This is the best self-taught instructional program that I have seen on the market. The step-by-step instructions for learning how to swim are simple, effective, and applicable to kids and adults of all ages. Each word and each video aligns perfectly, so there can be no misinterpretation of how to proceed and get better.

My own children use this system and have fun doing so.

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Wakefield, Massachusetts

"Excellent and Very Professional Swim Instruction Service"

I have been using the swim instruction services of Oceanus Consulting on a regular basis for the past few years.

I have two swimmers, and they are 5 years apart. Over the years, these swim lessons greatly helped my kids develop, improve, and fine-tune their swimming skills and stroke techniques.

The swim lessons provided are at the highest professional level and are very well planned to address the technical aspects of swimming as well as the development of youth swimmers.

The lessons are fun, creative, and tailored to match each swimmer's needs and capabilities, taking the swimmer from one level to the next. The swim lessons are very well designed to address each swimmer's technical, physical, and emotional needs.

The swim instructor is a well-respected professional swimming expert who is also a teacher who takes the time to analyze and explain to the swimmer in simple terms the logic behind the practices provided. He is always available to answer questions and provide help, support, and guidance.

My kids have full trust in the advice of the swim instructor, love the practices, and always look forward to each practice session. I have full confidence in the swim instructor, and the service provided is worth every minute and every dollar spent.

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Greater Hartford, Connecticut

We chose Peter for his technique work and stellar reputation in New England. He was professional and taught our daughter proper techniques in a positive environment.

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Andover, Massachusetts

We have been bringing our children to Peter at Oceanus for over six years.

Peter is technically knowledgeable— he is able to teach proper mechanics, and he has continuously worked with our children to fine-tune those techniques, as their swimming levels matured from beginning Age Groupers to Junior National level swimmers.

Peter has a great poolside manner, too— the kids always enjoy taking lessons from him.

I would highly recommend Oceanus to anyone looking for private swim lessons or one-on-one training that you simply cannot get with group lessons.

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Alexandria, Virginia

I turned to swimming in my 40s when running was no longer a competitive option for me. I swam on my own for a good while, but quickly came to the conclusion that swimming is 90% technique. If I ever wanted to get faster and feel better coming out of the pool, I needed professional help.

Pete has really shown me the way. We started with an in-person lesson about twice a month and then moved to distance training, meaning that Pete would send me workouts via email for my week of swims (3 swims a week on average) and then I would report back.

Having to juggle work, tri-training, and a toddler, this method was a really efficient way to improve my swimming without being locked into a set schedule of Masters [Adult Competitive Swimming].

My schedule is a bit easier now, and building on the work Pete and I did together, I swim confidently with a Masters group now. Masters swimming is great for the camaraderie— however, it is no substitute for one-on-one coaching. Pete and I continue to meet periodically in person to refine technique, and I consider this time invaluable.

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Arlington, Virginia

I am an African-American male, and I began taking swimming lessons from Peter in August of 2007 at the age of 59.

I had just returned from a vacation in Hawaii. While on vacation, I was the only person who didn't know how to swim, so I decided to take lessons from Pete. I almost drowned taking swimming lessons in 1968 at Howard University where I was a student. I was 20 years old then and after the near drowning incident, I swore I would never get back into a pool. Pete got me out of being terrified of both the deep end and shallow water.

To make a long story short, I am now swimming with much improvement. I am now 66 years old, and thanks to Peter and his patience with a very beginner, terrified swimmer, I love to swim and have found a sport that is great exercise for my diabetes and overall health. I now swim an average of 6 days a week for 2 hours, and I have jumped off of the diving board into twelve feet of water numerous times.

Thank you, Peter Sczupak!

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Arlington, Massachusetts/ France

"Highly Competent – Extremely Pedagogical – Excellent Communication"

My two kids have worked with Peter for more than two years now, and it is a real chance for our family to be able to rely on his competence.

My older son is a competitive swimmer with attention deficit and a serious lack of self-esteem, although he loves swimming and is willing to do the work to be a great swimmer. Peter is extremely patient with him, and my son has made huge progress across the board.

Besides working on specific skills, Peter also provides my son with feedback on his achievement, clearly explaining what works and what needs improvement, which to me is very important.

Even though my son is often reluctant to practice with his team, he always runs to the pool when he has a lesson with Peter, and believe me, after a lesson, my son is super-motivated. I wish he could swim with Peter more often!

My younger son is not as engaged in swimming as his brother and has talked about giving up the team… but he always asks for swimming with Peter.

Peter is not only an excellent coach for swimmers, but also an excellent parent advisor. I do not know much about swimming, and I was not familiar with swim meets and other competitions. Peter's advice and time devoted to supporting us as parents of swimmers is more than helpful.

Communication is excellent and very easy. Scheduling a lesson is easy as pie. When I ask technical or practical questions, or when I share concerns or worries, Peter is always quick to respond very thoroughly.

It is extremely reassuring for me, as a mother, to know I can count on his support. Peter’s goals are undoubtedly to have my kids improve in all domains: strokes, start and turn techniques, endurance, motivation, and self-assurance. He is very engaged in keeping track of their progress and provides guidance for the future.

As an educator myself, I am impressed by how Peter can boost kids' motivation and confidence while having them drastically improve their swimming skills. We are really grateful to work with Peter, and we truly hope he will keep working by our side!

Thank you so much, Peter!

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