Suitable Candidates and Requirements

Suitable Candidates

Who Benefits from an Online Swimming Course?

Online swimming courses are particularly useful for:

  • Preschool and early elementary age children (ages 3 to 8)
  • Swim instruction beginners
  • Small children with separation anxiety or limited communication skills
  • Anxious learners with an aversion to water, particularly following a traumatic incident
  • People precluded from traditional swim school lessons due to inconvenient locations or lesson times

"I would recommend the Preschool-Elementary Swimming online tutorial program for beginner swimmers as well as anyone who is thinking about teaching beginning swimming."

Wes Newman,
Head Coach of Cornell Swimming and Diving,
Cornell University


Resource Requirements

What Equipment or Resources are Required?

  • A water-adjusted parent or overseeing instructor
  • An available swimming pool, ideally with a variable depth range up to 5 feet
  • A laptop or tablet computer with a water-proof covering
  • A WiFi or cellular internet connection
  • Basic swimming equipment, including goggles, kickboard, and hair restraint (for example, a pony-tail or bathing cap)
  • Bathtub toys (for younger children)

More information about basic swimming equipment is provided in the online course material.

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