Areas of Expertise

Oceanus Swim Club Management Consulting capabilities permit analysis of your club's business operations from big or small picture perspectives and most uniquely, their crossover impact on the "wet side" of your club.

Big picture, generalist analysis and recommendations seek to focus a club's mission, and develop "commandments" and long-term strategic objectives over a multi-year horizon.

Functional expertise, as applied to competitive swimming, includes, but is not limited to:

  • Organizational/Governance Analysis: Is your club's administrative hierarchy structured to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, while simultaneously reducing potential conflicts?
  • Legal/Political Interface: Is your club's organizational form and IRS classification appropriate for its current operating situation?
  • Competitor Analysis: How does your team's mission relate to those of your neighbors? Are your strategies and tactics appropriate given market conditions?
  • Marketing Analysis and Management: What business strategies and tactics will help your club achieve a profitable, sustainable market share? How do your club's interests intersect with secondary programming and facility operators, such as municipal recreation departments and school districts?
  • Sponsorship: Sports teams are desirable entities for businesses to align with. Has your club structured a distinct sponsorship program, separate from its advertising campaign?
  • Capital Finance: Buy, rent or build your own facility? One of the most critical questions your club faces.
  • Accounting/Cash Management: Do you live and die by "floating"? How do your cash inflows and outflows affect short term, middle term and long term growth?
  • Information Technology: How can IT help other club business functions?
  • Human Resources Management: How do you reduce or avoid the high turnover associated with the industry?
  • Risk Management: Is the club and its key players adequately insulated from unforeseen calamities?
  • Operations Management: How do your processes flow? How well do multiple sites coordinate?

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