Our Philosophy and Benefits

Oceanus Swim Pro Instruction teaches skills that are building blocks to greater levels of involvement in the sport of swimming, versus unessential or terminal skills often stressed by institutional lesson providers— specifically, components of the four sanctioned competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly), along with their associated turns and dives/starts.

Oceanus can also hone aquatic skills specific to a client's vocational requirements (for example, Public Safety Personnel) or water-based activity certification (for example, Scuba).

Oceanus offers only individual and very small group (generally three or less) instruction, yielding accelerated development and quicker deficiency rectification. Compare this to your current or past class enrollment sizes.

Oceanus is small and staffed with the only the highest credentialed instructors, minimizing service quality variance.

Review our instructor biography and compare us to your current instructor.

The small scale of Oceanus minimizes our overhead and administrative expenses, permitting us to pass on a high-end service experience at fair price points.

Contact us for client references. We will be happy to supply them!

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Phone, Address, and Email Address for Oceanus Consulting
Phone: (781) 316-2557
Address: Arlington, Massachusetts 02474
EMail mail@oceanus-consulting.com