Swim Pro Instruction Policies

Please review the following Oceanus Swim Pro Instruction payment policies:

Free Sessions

All "6 Pack" lesson plans include a seventh lesson at no charge.

Clients must purchase a lesson package to receive a free seventh session.

"Pay as You Go" options are available for clients with financial hardship.

Administrative Enrollment Fee

An administrative enrollment deposit will be assessed to block off a time slot for the first lesson ($55.00 for a half-hour lesson, $81.25 for a 45-minute lesson, and $105 for a one-hour lesson).

If the client wishes to continue the relationship after completion of the first lesson, this fee will be credited against the cost of a lesson package. If the client doesn't wish to continue, a refund of one half the administrative enrollment deposit will be credited back.

Fees effective September 1, 2022.


Clients can schedule private or semi-private lessons via SnapAppointments.com. Clients will receive an access link for booking appointments after contact and approval by Oceanus management. Appointments must be scheduled a minimum of 36 hours in advance.

Peak Timeframes

A 45-minute minimum is required for lessons scheduled before 8:30 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Inquiry Windows/Moratorium Period

Due to heavy demand, new clients will not be scheduled within 72 hours from the date of inquiry. New clients will not be scheduled between August 15–September 5, and December 23–January 2 annually.

Facility Admission Fees

Client may be responsible for a portion of facility admissions for both instructor and self. Contact our office for further details. Clients purchasing lesson packages are eligible for partial facility admission fee reimbursement.

Travel Fees

Clients will be assessed a $0.67/mile (IRS 2024 guidelines) travel surcharge in excess of a 10-mile radius of Arlington, Massachusetts 02474, for lessons less than 45 minutes.

Missed Sessions

Clients needing to cancel or reschedule a scheduled lesson must contact Oceanus a minimum of two hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Unless the client furnishes proof of exceptional circumstances, failure to contact our office will result in forfeiture of one-half of the next lesson's contracted time.

Package Completion

Clients must complete all packages 180 days after first lesson's conclusion.

Certified medical conditions precluding client from meeting the 180-day completion requirement will be granted an additional 90 days to conclude the package.

Clients with documented, unremedied medical conditions resulting in failure to complete a package 90 days after the end of the original 180-day term will receive a pro-rated refund.

Partial refunds for uncompleted packages will not be issued to "Pay as You Go" clients.

Add and Change Policy

Once a package has begun, clients who opt to increase the originally agreed upon duration or the number of participants in the lesson will be assessed increased charges, as detailed in our Swim Pro Pricing section.

Clients electing to reduce the number of enrollees or lesson duration before a package is complete will be issued a carry-forward credit, or refund upon package completion.

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